Documentation and How-To's for University-supported software, specifically aimed at the use of Mathematica, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, and more.

Articles (10)

Activate and Renew Your SPSS License

Activate and renew your SPSS license.

Computer Software

Overview of software available to faculty, staff, and students at Elon University.

Install IBM SPSS for macOS

Outlines how to install SPSS 28 for Mac.

Mathematica at Elon University

Overview of access and tutorials for Mathematica.

Matlab at Elon University

Provides an overview of access, renewing license, and resources for Matlab.

Renew Your SAS License

Renew your SAS license on an Elon-owned computer.

Solidworks for Students

Information on solidworks for student use and access.

Tableau Software

Explanation of tableau software use for faculty and students.