Budget Information (Budget to Actuals)

Budget managers can view budget information via OnTrack's Budget to Actuals. This page replaces the functionality of the OnTrack page formerly called My Budgets

Navigating to Budget to Actuals

Budget to Actuals is only available to those designated as budget managers. Budget managers will find Budget to Actuals by going into OnTrack and selecting the Daily Work icon on the left side of the page. Under Daily Work, Budget to Actuals can be found under Financial Management. 

Otherwise, you can also utilize this direct link to get you to the page: Budget to Actuals.

Notable Filter Options

When you first access Budget to Actuals, you will have several options to filter results. If you have already visited Budget to Actuals, you may see the results already filtered from your last session. Below are a few notable options:

- If you do not want to filter anything and prefer to see all budget information at once, simply click Apply Filter and the page will return everything.
- After choosing any filter option, be sure to click Apply Filter to return results
- Please contact Accounting's Courtney Saul or Robin Brown should your budget access need to be updated.

  1. My Cost Centers and Object View Tabs
    Across the top, you will see an option to filter by cost centers or object views.
    • A Cost Center is identified by a number and a description
      • E.g., 001100 Operating - Enterprise Solutions
      • Drilling down into each cost center, you can view the following:
        • Expense code
        • Budget
        • Actuals
        • Encumbrances
        • Remaining balance
        • % received/spent
        • Overall financial health of each expense line
    • The Object view displays similar information
      • Rather than navigating by cost center, you navigate by expense
      • E.g., 51000 Supplies Budget will show all cost centers' supplies budget information all at once
  2. Filter by Fund, Function, or Object
    • Filters can be set by Fund, Function, and/or Object in any combination
    • Groups of numbers can be added to the filter all at once separated by a comma, or as a range of numbers separated by “-“
    • If you are unfamiliar with these account terms, check out Accounting's Components of an Account Number.
  3. Filter by Fiscal Year
    Budget to Actuals allows you to look back on previous years by selecting the fiscal year from the drop-down menu.
  4. Save Criteria
    If you have set a filter that you would like to use in the future, be sure to click the Save Criteria button. 

After choosing any filter option, be sure to click Apply Filter to return results.

Budget to Actuals Filter Options

Other Notable Features

  • Export to CSV
    • Once you filter your budget, you will see an option in the top right corner to Export results.
    • Click the button to download a CSV file which you can open in Excel. 
  • Color Coding for Budget Health
    • If there is more than 15% of the budget remaining, the color is green.
    • Less than 15% but more than 5% of the budget remaining, the color is yellow.
    • If the budget has less than 5% remaining, the color is red.
  • Specify multiple fund, function, object codes or a range
    • Whereas My Budgets only allowed you to specify up to 5 account filters, Budget to Actuals lets you specify multiple accounts or a range of accounts.
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