Update Applicant Scores on Assessment Criteria in AppTrack


Reviewers evaluate applicants on assessment criteria outside the HR Suite. When the evaluations are complete, you can enter applicant scores on the posting manually or by importing a spreadsheet of results.

In the APPLICANT TRACKING MODULE, the Postings menu provides access to postings by position type. Locate and open the posting of interest and follow the link to the Applicants tab to see applications, résumés, cover letters, assessment factors, and references.


In place of supplemental questions, your organization may use a term such as screening questions or minimum qualification questions.

In place of ranking criteria, your organization may use a term such as evaluative criteria or interview questions.

In place of assessment criteria, your organization may use a term such as tests or hurdles. The set of assessment criteria may be called an exam plan.

In place of posting, your organization may use a term such as announcementrequisitionworkforce request, or open position.

In place of applicant, your organization may use the term candidate.


To enter scores manually:

Locate and open the posting of interest if it is not already open. See Working with Postings for detailed instructions.

  1. Follow the link to the Applicants page if you are not already on it.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Assessment Criteria Scores. A dialog box presents several options.
  3. Select Enter Scores. The assessment criteria score entry page opens to the first assessment criterion. Each page presents one assessment criterion and allows you to enter scores for each applicant.
  4. Enter the scores, navigating through the assessment criteria using the Previous and Next selections. If you navigate by following the links to the individual assessment criteria instead, select Save on each page where you make changes before navigating to another page.


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