Financial Aid Self-Service via OnTrack

If you are a student who selects the Financial Aid link and receives a message stating "You are not authorized to view the page," please contact the Financial Planning Office at 336-278-7640 or by emailing

I. Accessing Financial Aid

1.) Log into OnTrack

2.) To access Financial Aid, click 'OnTrack for Applicants' or 'OnTrack for Students'

3.) Click the Financial Aid link under the Financial Aid section

This page will open in a new web browser tab.

4.) Select the desired year for your Financial Aid award

Items will vary depending on where you are and what has been awarded to you in regards to the Financial Aid process.

5.) Click yellow links to complete needed actions

Alternatively, you can access actions needed from the Financial Aid tab.

II. My Awards

My Awards shows what you have been awarded.

Navigate below 'You have the following Awards' to accept or reject awards.

If nothing has been awarded, you will be notified.

III. Award Letter

This is what you are able to print for your own records, sign off on and submit your Award Letter.

If you see a message saying you Must accept or decline all of your awards before accepting your award letter, please visit the My Awards section to accept. Afterwards, you will be able to sign off and submit your award letter

You will also be notified if your award letter is not available.

IV. Federal Shopping Sheet

This page is only accessible from the Financial Aid drop-down tab and is view-only. The Federal Shopping Sheet may take 2-3 minutes to load, so please be patient.

V. Correspondence Option

This page allows you to choose to receive paper copies of Financial Aid correspondence.

VI. Satsifactory Academic Progress

This page shows your Financial Aid standing with Elon University.


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