Student Work Agreement Information For Students

Access Student Work Agreement

A work agreement submitted by your primary supervisor can be accessed for submission through OnTrack. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Students. Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select Student Work Agreement.

Once you click the link, you will see a list of work agreements for you with a status of PENDING/STUDENT or HIRED. To access the work agreement, click the button beside the work agreement you want to accept that has a status of PENDING/STUDENT and click SUBMIT.

Submitting a Work Agreement

You are able to review the information entered, read the terms of employment and accept the work agreement. You will need to check the box to accept the terms of employment and click SUBMIT.

Work Agreement History

If a work agreement has a status other than PENDING/STUDENT then you will see the Work Agreement History page. This page will display all the work agreement information plus information about the status, submission and processing, if applicable.

Email Notifications

If you need to submit your I-9 form and/or have your visa information verified then you will receive an email with instructions. Your supervisor is not able to complete the work agreement and submit it for approval until you have completed all tasks. You are not eligible to begin working until the work agreement process has been completed.


You will receive an email when a work agreement has been submitted for you by your supervisor and approved by Human Resources. There may be a list of tasks you need to perform before you have access to the work agreement.

You will receive an email when the work agreement process has been completed and you are eligible to begin employment.


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