Elon University's Wireless Network

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Elon University maintains a robust wireless data network throughout the entire campus, including several outdoor areas between buildings. This network provides mobile access to the internet as well as to Elon University online resources.

Our network is based on 802.11ac standards and is improved and expanded on in order to meet changing demands as well as adding onto existing infrastructure as new campus buildings are constructed and come online.

Please note that Elon University provides two networks for visitors and guests. The elonu-guest network provides the same access to resources the elonu-secure does, but requires registration for use. Please contact the Technology Service Desk to pre-register important visitors who require internet access. The accounts are easily generated and credentials may be provided to guests before the arrive on campus. Elon University faculty, students, and staff should NOT use elonu-guest.

An alternative for campus guests is to use our public network. The public network is a separate, non-secure, low-bandwidth solution for parents and other visitors to campus. It requires no registration, but all access is monitored and bandwidth is regulared or "throttled" to prevent abuse. We do not recommend that high profile visitors on official campus business to connect to the public network. These guests should use elonu-guest for better performance. Think of elonu-guest as an extension of our network, and public as the WiFi at a local restaurant or shopping center.

Connecting to the Wireless Network

Elon University has four wireless networks that are available for use. Whether connecting to elonu-secure, elonu-connect, elonu-guest, or public the procedure is essentially the same. All of the Elon University SSIDs should be visible from your list of wireless networks on your device. Select one of them to connect. For elonu-secure you will be asked for your Elon University username and password. For elonu-guest, you will need the username and password issued to you by the Service Desk or your guest sponsor. This should have been given to you before you connect. Finally with public, simply select the SSID and you’re all set. We use disclaimer pages with many of our wireless networks that pop up following successful connection to the SSID of your choice. Simply agree to the terms and/or enter your credentials and your connection is ready.

If you encounter problems connecting to a network, please select the appropriate instructions below.

Group Network Configuration Instructions
Faculty, Staff, and Students - Personal Devices
Faculty, Staff, and Students - Entertainment Devices (smart TVs, gaming systems), wireless devices that only accept passwords, not usernames
Faculty and Staff Hosted Guests
Request an Account
Public Access - Not Elon Affiliated

Reporting Wireless Issues

Information Technology the use of standalone/personal wireless routers as they interfere with Elon University wireless equipment. If you are having trouble connecting to wireless networks, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name & Elon University username
  • Email and Phone number for contact
  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • Error messages (if any) that were displayed
  • Physical location on campus where the problem occurred (building, room number)
  • MAC address of your network adapter
  • IP address
  • Type of equipment used when the error occurred (e.g., Mac, PC, iPhone, etc.)

When contacting the Service Desk, please be as specific as possible. The more information you can provide regarding the error you encountered, the better we will be able to appropriately route, respond to, and resolve your request.

Off-Campus Availability

Elon University offers wireless connections at the following off-campus locations:

  • The Fat Frogg
  • The Root
  • Anna Marie's Pizzeria
  • Yo Zone
  • Subway (located on W. Lebanon Avenue)
  • Additional locations coming soon!

These locations are supported by broadband connections (supplied by the owners of the locations) to provide access via wireless access point. As such, Elon's networks at off-campus locations will not be as fast as if you were on-campus. At these locations, only the elonu-secure, and elonu-guest SSIDs are supported.


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