Wireless Network - FAQ

Can I install a wireless router in my residence hall room?

  • No.

How fast is the Elon University wireless network?

  • Your connection speed will vary based on several factors. Distance to the access point, type of material between you and the access point (e.g., brick, wood, metal), the transmitting power of the wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) in your device and the type of wireless service (802.11a/b/g/n) that you're using.
  • 802.11ac is available in all buildings with 802.11ax available in the Innovation Quad, which can significantly improve throughput rates beyond 802.11n. If your device uses 802.11n or 802.11ac and is dual-band, make sure you use the 5GHz bandwidth where possible.

Is the Elon University wireless network secure?

  • The elonu-secure network is encrypted using the latest standards for Enterprise-level networks. The best policy for wireless network use is to always assume that someone could intercept the traffic and with enough time, decrypt it. For this reason, always use the highest level of security with applications while on wireless and NEVER give anyone your Elon University password.

What client devices or system specs does Elon University recommend for use on the wireless network?

  • Elon University does not make recommendations in this area. The Service Desk orders equipment for all Elon University Faculty and Staff and they can give the make and model of PCs and Apple equipment that they use for best results with our network. Bottom Line: Do your homework. It does little good to get a great deal on a PC or other device, only to find that it uses obscure or poorly supported standards and drivers that most likely will not work well with a wireless network. Several PCs have reported problems with Windows 8.1 and certain hardware manufacturers. Apple’s OS updates are not immune to this problem either. Your device should at a bare minimum support WPA-Enterprise levels of wireless encryption.

Can I bring my own wireless router or access point to use?

  • We do not recommend that you do this for two reasons. First and foremost it violates Elon’s use policy to reproduce our SSIDs and IP address space on non-Elon University equipment. Spoofing DHCP servers and DNS servers on campus are strictly forbidden. Secondly, other wireless devices and even consumer equipment such as Bluetooth devices, phones, microwaves, wireless printers, video game consoles and others all share the same wireless frequency spectrum. Anything you introduce to the wireless network raises the “noise floor” of the network. Think of it as the cafeteria in your elementary school. When you walk in you hear everything in a cacophony of noise, but you hear nothing clearly. It’s the same with wireless. We ask that you don’t bring your own wireless access points or routers simply to save yourselves and your neighbors a lot of frustration in trying to get on to Elon University’s network.

I need more coverage in my building, what can I do?

  • The network inside your building is designed for optimal bandwidth and capacity handling, but occasionally, changes have to be made. Contact the Service Desk and open a ticket to get an onsite technician to verify connectivity in your area. In some cases, adjustments can be made. Please NOTE – Elon University’s wireless network is a “Best Effort” medium. We make every possible effort to ensure that users can use our wireless network. Often, due to events beyond our control, they still cannot connect successfully. For this reason, student dormitories and most offices still have wired Ethernet connections. Traditional PCs can connect with a patch cable (contact the Service Desk if you need one) and newer devices (MacBook Air) can still utilize a proprietary dongle to make use of Ethernet service. When in doubt, plug in.

I have visitors coming to campus, how can I get them on the Elon University wireless network?

  • You should contact the Service Desk to register your VIP visitors for access to the network. 

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