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As of January 1, 2020, Elon University will no longer offer the Microsoft Office packages, Parallels, etc. for both Mac and PC through Kivuto’s OnTheHub Software Downloads for Students. However, Windows 10 will continue to be available through Kivuto’s OnTheHub Software Downloads Web Store.

Software and instructions associated with this page do not apply to iPads and other iDevices. If you are interested in compatible apps for iDevices (such as iPhones or iPads), consider downloading Pages (Microsoft Word equivalent), Numbers (Microsoft Excel equivalent), or Keynote (Microsoft Powerpoint equivalent) from the iTunes App Store.

Need to access Windows 10 on a Mac? Learn how to install Parallels and access Windows 10.

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    Elon University recommends that you save a copy of your download and product key on a CD or some other form of removable media. This will serve as your back up. Elon University is unable to retrieve product downloads or product keys.

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