Documentation and How-To's for computer software geared specifically towards operating systems. Includes information about Boot Camp.

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Boot Camp

This article provides an overview of Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Setup & Dual Booting

This article discusses setting up Boot Camp and Dual Booting.

Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

Learn more about the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Find the Serial or License Key Number for Downloaded OnTheHub Software

This article shows where to find serial number/license keys for downloaded software from OnTheHub.

How to Boot Windows in Safe Mode

This article outlines how to boot a Windows device in safe mode.

Install Windows 10 on a Mac Using Parallels

This article provides an overview of using Parallels to download, install, and run Windows 10 on a Mac (OSX) device.

OnTheHub Software Downloads

This article provides an overview of software downloads from OnTheHub. Includes information about available media, accessing the site, and downloading software.

Register for OnTheHub

This article shows users how to register for OnTheHub.

Windows 10 Support Information

This article provides support links for the Windows 10 operating system.