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1.) Overview

The Elon Events & Sign-up Management system is an ideal tool for providing a means of publicizing an upcoming event and allowing people to sign-up for the event. Event Managers have access to a web application that provides the tools to administer these events, including the following functions:

  • Creating one-time events
  • Creating recurring events
  • Editing events
  • Deleting events
  • Printing reports
  • See who is attending events

This tool is perfect for events that include members of the Elon campus and have an Elon account to login.


2.) Obtaining Access


3.) Main Screen

After logging in you will see one of two screens. If you have access to more than one event type, you will see the Events List screen. Clicking on Edit Events will take you to the Manage Events screen. If you only have access to one event type you should see the Manage Events screen automatically. Note: If your event type has been set up to view reports, a view reports button will be available.

Image of the Manage Events screen


4.) Creating Events


5.) Editing Events

To edit an event, click on the Image of pencil icon icon from the Manage Events screen. You will then see the details of your event. You may edit events individually or edit the entire series if the event is recurring. Make any necessary changes and click on the Edit Event button.

Image of Manage Events screen


6.) Deleting Events

To delete an event, click on the X icon from the Manage Events screen. You will be asked if you are trying to delete the individual event or the event series if the event is recurring. Make your selection.


7.) Attendance Tracking





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Elon's Events Management app allows users to sign up for events, invite others to events, and view upcoming and past events.