Embed Twitter Widgets into Moodle

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1.) To create the widget, log into Twitter and access your account settings; then click on 'Widgets'

An image of the location of widgets option, which is circled.

2.) Click 'Create new'

An image of the create new option, which is circled.

3.) On the next screen, you will decide what kind of tweet you want to display

An image of the timeline source, which is circled.

  • User Timeline: displays all the tweets from any public Twitter account. For example, to follow all the tweets from Advertising Age, type in AdAge
  • Favorites: displays the tweets from any public Twitter account that were marked as a favorite. Favorites are a good way to curate your Twitter feed. Instead of pushing everything from your Twitter account to your widget, you can mark the best tweets as favorites and have those appear in the widget.
  • List: displays the tweets from the lists you have created on Twitter. Lists are a good idea if you want to use Twitter in several courses. Create a list for each course that includes sources relevant to each course.Read more information on how to create a list in Twitter and why you would want to.
  • Search: displays the tweets that include a specific hashtags or word(s). Search is used to display all tweets related to an event or theme. Warning: if you search for a hashtag or term, you have no control over what will appear in the widget. If someone posts to Twitter using your search term and profanity, it will appear in your Moodle course.
  • Click "Create widget".

4.) You will then see code that will generate, copy that code so you can paste it into Moodle

An example image of generated user code.

5.) In Moodle, turn editing on in your course

An image of the turn editing on button, which is circled.

6.) Scroll down in your Moodle course till you find the 'Add a block' block; use the drop-down menu to add the HTML block

An image of the add a block block.

  • Your Moodle course will refresh and the new HTML block will be added into your course.

7.) Scroll down and find the new HTML Block; click on the gear icon (1), and then 'Configure (new HTML block) block' (2)

An image of the HTML block, with the gear icon labeled 1 and the configure block option labeled 2.

8.) In the 'Block settings' (1) enter the 'Block title' as Twitter Feed; and click the 'Edit HTML source' button (2)

An image of the configuration options, with block title labeled 2, and the edit html source button circled and labeled 2.

9.) When you click the 'Edit HTML source' button, this will bring up the HTML source editor, paste the code you copied from Twitter into this box and click 'Update'

An example of the html source editor, with update and cancel circled.

10.) You will then see in the 'Content' box information about your Tweets; click the 'Save changes' button

An image of the configuration settings, with the save changes button circled.

11.) You will be taken to your course homepage, where the Twitter widget will appear in the left-side navigation of your Moodle course

An example of the embedded twitter widget.


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