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Stay connected to others around the world or while traveling abroad for university business.

Submit Titanium feature requests or ask for assistance with web components and database updates.

Request a new feature, form, or workflow in SharePoint.

Request a non-academic course (academic courses are automatically created), course template, or feature enhancements.

A mobile hotspot is a feature on most smartphones that enables you to share the phone's data connection with other Wi-Fi devices (e.g., laptops, tablets). While some university-sponsored cellular plans include mobile hotspots, others do not.

Customized Colleague Requests include requests for a customized process, or a change to an existing process.

Request a new Raiser's Edge NXT custom process, or request an update to an existing process.

Request the creation of a SharePoint Team Site.

Request installation of a security camera at a location on Elon University's campus.

Request a point of sale card reader.

Request the installation of a data port in a location on Elon University's campus.

Request new voice mailbox setup.

Request your Nursing program ipad.

Request a webinar license for Zoom.

Request Google Apps be enabled on an Elon-managed account.