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Services or Offerings?
AcceptD is the digital platform that Elon University's Department of Performing Arts uses as an initial screening process (pre-screen) for the in-person audition/interview.

Crestron touch-screen panels, found in most classrooms and many event and meeting spaces, control the room's technology.

Clearinghouse refers to the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization that Elon University has authorized to provide degree and enrollment verification. Employers and background screening companies are referred to the National Student Clearinghouse when requesting verification. Student may obtain their own verification by going to

Video walls are large format displays that often consist of multiple displays put together. The use varies by location; examples include the screens in the Great Hall, Snow Atrium, and the front-facing wall inside the Student Professional Development Center (among others throughout campus).

Digital signage gives the University community an opportunity to visually communicate events, announcements, and other information to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

IT offers individual training on the technology found in Elon's classrooms and meeting spaces.

Request a key fob for use with DUO Security multi-factor authentication.

If a classroom or meeting space has a projector issue, first look up the location in the Knowledge Base for some simple troubleshooting tips. If the issue doesn't resolve, report the issue.

Collaborate with facutly, staff, and students through video or audio meetings.

Report an issue with Skype for Business.

The Verizon Jetpack provides internet access outside of campus wifi availability.

Tickers are specialized format displays that often consist of multiple displays put together to form a virtual ribbon. The use varies by location; examples include the tickers in the KoBC; Sankey and outside McEwen.

A web-conferencing service that allows faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with anyone through video or audio meetings.