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Transfer ownership of a team in Microsoft Teams.

Request or make changes to SharePoint Team Site permissions.

Request the creation of a SharePoint Team Site.

Report an issue with a SharePoint Team Site or a SharePoint-powered form.

If you are experiencing issues with Entrinsik Informer, report the issue and IT's Enterprise Solutions team will troubleshoot.

Request a new feature, form, or workflow in SharePoint.

Report an issue with a Microsoft Office product.

Learn more about unlocking a Colleague session.

Report an issue with Titanium.

Submit Titanium feature requests or ask for assistance with web components and database updates.

Report an issue to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure what isn't working correctly or are unable to find it under another category.

Learn more about the IT Service Catalog and how to use it to submit requests.

Report an issue with a web camera.

A web-conferencing service that allows faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with anyone through video or audio meetings.

LastPass is a secure password management tool that helps Elon University faculty, staff and students manage passwords.