Zoom Quick Start Guide

Zoom provides a variety of documentation for how to virtually host classes, join meetings, and more. You can access Zoom for Elon by going to elon.edu/zoom and signing in with your Elon user name and password. To get started, use the links below to walk you through the first steps of using Zoom for your events and meetings.

Zoom has advised it is not good practice to use generic accounts (eg. servicedesk@elon.edu) to host Zoom meetings.

If you previously used your Elon email address for a free trial of Zoom, you can switch to Elon's licensed instance to gain full access to all of our offerings using the Related Articles.

Getting Started

Your Zoom personal link should autocreate using your Elon username. If it does not, please submit a ticket for assistance: personal links must be unique across all of Zoom, so if your Elon username is in use elsewhere in Zoom globally, you will have to choose a different personal link.


Managing Meetings

Video Settings

For even more information, navigate to Zoom's Help Center and search for further articles and videos.


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