Time History for Student Employees

Access the Time History page

Student staff members may use the Time History page to view past time sheets and can be accessed through OnTrack

View Time History
  1. Use the drop down box to select a different year, if needed
  2. Past pay periods are displayed in reverse chronological order
    • Click the pay period to see the individual time sheets
    • The chosen pay period is highlighted in blue
  3. The chosen pay period time sheets are displayed with the pay period dates at the top of the section
  4. Click the time sheet links to see the details of the time sheet

The time history screen with numbers corresponding to, 1. select a year, 2. pay period, 3. pay cycle information, 4. preview a specific week

View past time sheet details
  1. The pay period dates are displayed at the top of the page
    • The 1-week time sheet dates are displayed with the total number of hours paid for ALL positions
    • Use the navigation arrows to move between time sheets, if needed
  2. Time sheets for all positions are listed in individual windows
    • The following information is displayed for each position and time sheet
      • Position ID and title
      • Supervisor name and department
      • Number of hours and final status of the time sheet
  3. Use the navigation arrows to expand and collapse the position windows to see hour details
  4. The total number of hours for ALL positions are displayed at the bottom of the page

numbers corresponding to, 1. pay period week, 2. a specific positio


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