Time Entry for Student Staff

Access your timesheet

Student timesheets can be accessed through OnTrack. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Staff. Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select Time Entry to access your timesheet.

Choosing a timesheet

The Time Entry screen will display the positions you currently have with Elon. Select the particular position and supervisor for which you are entering time by clicking on the box in the column labeled “Choose Only One” and then click on SUBMIT. If you work in multiple positions, you will need to enter time for each position separately. You may enter time for only the positions and pay periods that are displayed. If your position is not displayed, please contact your supervisor.

Entering your time

After selecting the position for which you are entering time, the Time Entry screen will be displayed. Note the position information is displayed at the top of the screen.

Enter the numbers of hours you worked each day. After entering time worked, simply click “SUBMIT” to save. The “SUBMIT” button can be clicked as many times as needed as time is entered and/or changed throughout the pay period.

You are encouraged to enter and submit time on a daily basis or after each work period. If you save without signing the timesheet, your confirmation will state: “Time Entry Status: Not Complete.

Signing and sending your timesheet

At the end of the pay cycle or whenever you are done entering all your time for the pay period, click on the box near the bottom where it says “Checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval” and then click on “SUBMIT". This will advance your timesheet to your supervisor for review and approval.

You will no longer be allowed to access your timesheet for this period once you have electronically signed your timesheet. If changes are needed, either your supervisor will need to make the changes or your supervisor will need to reject the timesheet so that you can make the needed changes, electronically sign and re-submit the timesheet to the supervisor.

Once you electronically sign your timesheet, your confirmation will state: “Time Entry Status: Complete”.


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