Time Entry for Student Staff

Access your time sheet(s)

Student time sheets can be accessed through OnTrack. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Staff. Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select Self-Service Time Entry to access your time sheet.  You may be prompted to enter your OnTrack log-in credentials again.

The Time Entry screen displays the pay period one week at a time with the earliest week at the top.

  1. Pay period information
    • Start and end date for the pay period week
    • Deadline for entering hours and submitting to your supervisor
    • Total number of hours entered for all positions
  2. Position list
    • List of all the positions you currently have with Elon. If you have multiple positions, you need to enter time for each position.
    • You may enter time for only the positions and pay periods that are displayed. If your position is not displayed, please contact your supervisor.
  3. Enter hours
    • Click the arrow to access your time sheets and enter hours

A screen with available time cards

Time sheet layout
  1. Pay period information
    • Pay period start and end date
    • Link to return to all time sheets
  2. Week information
    • Start and end date for the pay period week
    • Total number of hours entered for all positions
    • Use the left and right navigation arrows to access different weeks
  3. Position information
    • Position ID and title
    • Supervisor name and department
    • Total number of hours entered for this position
  4. Enter hours
    • Click the arrow to access the individual days of the week and enter hours
  5. Save changes
    • Changes are automatically saved but you can click the Save button to save changes at any time

An opened pay period with the ability to expand a position

Enter hours worked and submit for approval
  1. Enter hours worked in the individual boxes for the appropriate days
  2. Total hours are updated automatically
  3. Click the Comments button to enter comments for your supervisor
  4. Click the Submit for Approval button to advance your time sheet to your supervisor for review and approval
  5. Use the arrow to expand or collapse the hours section for each position, if needed

A screen with he ability to enter time for a specific position with the ability to add comments or submit for approval

Enter comments
  1. Enter your comments in the window
  2. Click the Send button to send the comments to your supervisor

The comment entry screen

Change your time sheet
  1. Once you submit your time sheet to your supervisor, a Submitted tag is added to the position information on your time sheet
  2. If you need to make changes to your time sheet, click the Return Timecard to Edit button to open your time sheet.  The button will change to Submit for Approval once any changes are entered.  Make sure to advance your time sheet to your supervisor for review and approval before your deadline.

An example of a submitted time card

An example of an expanded time card with the ability to return for editing


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If you are experiencing issues with OnTrack, first browse the OnTrack articles found in the Knowledge Base. Also, remember that your OnTrack password may be different than your Elon account password (the account used for accessing email, Moodle, etc.).