SharePoint Team Site Permissions

SharePoint Team Sites utilize three groups that have pre-defined permissions: Owners, Members, and Visitors. By default, those in the Owner group have full control of the team site, including the ability to set permissions for other users, create/edit/delete items, and more. Users in the Members group have the ability to create/edit/delete items that they have the ability to access (specific permissions can be set on individual folders, files, and items). Those in the Visitors group have the ability to read items.

Team Site Owner(s) should be able to add users to any group, customize the group permissions, or set unique permissions for folders, files, or other items. If you don't know your Team Site Owner(s) or otherwise need help setting permissions for your site, choose "Submit a Request" and let us know more. 

Available To

Faculty, Staff

Benefits & Key Features

  • Team Site Permissions are set for different groups by default, but can be changed by the Team Site Owner(s)
  • By default, every item inherits the permissions of the Team Site, but permissions can be customized per group, user, and item. For example, if you have a budget folder that you only want some people to see, you can set unique permission for that folder so that only those you specify can see the items (or have read/write/edit access)


There is no cost to use this service. 

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