SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform within the Microsoft Office 365 suite. SharePoint Team Sites, created for departments, committees, or project teams offer components for collaboration, such as space to share files, a team calendar, and a task list to organize tasks and projects for your team.

Elon offers several file storage solutions, each with different recommended uses:
- eDocs is primarily used for sensitive data or files needs for accreditation or auditing.
- OneDrive is recommended for individual work files or files shared with a small group of people from multiple departments or outside Elon University.
- SharePoint Team Sites are recommended for department, committee, or other chartered/ongoing groups for file sharing and collaboration.

Services (3)

SharePoint Team Site Permissions

Request or make changes to SharePoint Team Site permissions.

SharePoint Team Site Request

Request the creation of a SharePoint Team Site.

SharePoint: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a SharePoint Team Site or a SharePoint-powered form.