WebCheckout is the equipment reservation system utilized by Media Services and the Gear Room. Patrons may view available equipment through the system and make equipment reservations. 

Access WebCheckout.

Available To

Media Services loans equipment to all active faculty, staff, and students.

The Gear Room loans equipment to School of Communications facuty and students for projects or class assignments. If you are not currently enrolled in a School of Communications course (and are a Communications major) and are working on a special project with a faculty member, you will need a signed note and signature from the supervising faculty member in order to check out any equipment.

Benefits & Key Features

  • View and reserve available equipment (equipment varies by location)
  • Receive email reminders about equipment that is due or late


There is no cost to use this service, however, fees may be levied for late, broken, or unreturned equipment.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures for equipment checkout vary depending on location.

Media Services

The Media Services website has the latest information on equipment checkout policies and procedures, in addition to a full equipment inventory list.

The Gear Room


In order to reserve equipment from the Gear Room, complete an online reservation using WebCheckOut. If you have questions or concerns about your reservation, please stop by McEwen 105, call (336) 278-5080 between 7:30AM - 5PM (Monday through Friday), or visit the WebCheckOut Equipment Reservations page for step-by-step instructions on the reservation process.

Hours of Operations

  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Saturday: 5 - 7 PM
  • Sunday: 5 - 7 PM

In the event of a weather related school closing, the Gear Room will be closed until the university re-opens.

Loan Period

In order to pick-up your reservation, you must have a valid Phoenix Card. The default loan period for equipment is six (6) hours. When completing your reservation on WebCheckOut, you must comply with Gear Room hours of operations, as well as the rules for default and overnight loan periods. If a longer period is required, a Gear Room staff member must give pre-approval. Please verify your return date is correct in the computer system and your reservation has been entered properly before you complete your transaction. In addition, please keep a copy of your email confirmation for validation of check out and check in times in order to avoid late fines. Extended loans are based on availability and will not be approved for off-campus or non-academic use.

Equipment loaned overnight may not be picked up before 1 PM and is due the following morning by 11 AM. Equipment loaned over the weekend may not be picked up before 1 PM on Friday, and it must be returned by 11 AM on Monday. Equipment loaned overnight on Saturday must be returned by 11 AM on Monday. Equipment loaned overnight on Sunday must be returned by 11 AM on Monday. If there is a problem with returning the equipment by the scheduled time, please address this issue before completing the checkout.

Please note: There is a difference between renewing equipment and creating back-to-back reservations.

  1. Equipment renewals cannot be made online or over the phone. You must bring ALL items back to the Gear Room in order to complete the renewal process. You may only renew your equipment twice. After that, you must return all equipment and complete the WebCheckOut process to create a new reservation.
  2. If you have two back-to-back reservations, you must return ALL equipment from the first reservation before picking up the second reservation.

Purchasing SD Cards, DVDs and Card Readers

The Gear Room does not provide SD cards for students. Students must purchase them on their own, and are advised to use professional level cards, in conjunction with our professional level equipment. For students who wish to purchase cards locally, they can be found in the campus book store, Best Buy, or other video/electronic stores.

The Gear Room also does not provide SD cards for digital cameras. Students can purchase SD cards at the campus book store, Best Buy, or other video/electronic stores.

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