Hardware, Software, & Printing

Services that enable community members to do their daily work. Includes device desktop/laptop management, software, printing, and mobile phones and devices.

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Computer Hardware

Elon University issues computers for faculty and staff use. In addition, faculty, staff, and students can take advantage of Dell and Apple discounts for personal computer purchases.

Computer Labs, Classrooms, & Learning Spaces

For computer labs, classrooms, and learning spaces.

Digital Signage

Digital signage gives the University community an opportunity to visually communicate events, announcements, and other information to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors.


E-Connect is an Apple iPad initiative resulting from the collaborative efforts of the School of Health Sciences and Information Technology to provide students with more tools and educational resources. E-Connect currently provides each nursing student with an Apple iPad equipped with applications needed to support their experience in the 2-year and 4-year nursing programs.

Equipment Checkout

Elon offers a variety of equipment, free of charge, to the university community. Equipment can be checked out in two locations:

- Media Services, located in Belk Library, loans equipment to students, staff, and faculty for a wide variety of projects.
- The Gear Room, located in McEwen Building, loans production equipment to School of Communications students and faculty.

Both locations utilize a system called "WebCheckout" that allows patrons to view and reserve available equipment.

File Storage & Backups

Elon University offers several file storage and back up solutions for faculty and staff, each with different recommended uses. Whether you're looking to manage documents, automate processes, or easily collaborate on files with colleagues, there are a variety of tools and services to help you streamline tasks and complete projects.

Solutions and recommended uses:
- eDocs is primarily used for sensitive data or file needs for accreditation or auditing.
- OneDrive is recommended for individual work files or files shared with a small group of people from multiple departments or outside Elon University.
- SharePoint Team Sites are recommended for department, committee, or other chartered/ongoing groups for file sharing and collaboration.

Mobile Phones & Devices

The university has agreements with multiple providers for mobile phones and devices on campus. Any new phone or device request must be approved by your supervisor and area vice president. Elon will provide each department with options for shared minutes, new equipment, and plan upgrades.

Printing, Copying, Scanning

Elon's print management system helps to save resources, reduce waste, and enable faculty, staff, and students to print from any computer on campus to any public lab printer on campus.


Elon offers many applications through software licenses and vendor discounts. Faculty, staff, and students may download free and discounted software from our partners and use cloud-based software through the university's AppsAnywhere service. University computer labs, including computers in Belk Library, also have close to 100 commonly used software programs for faculty, staff, and students to use.


Elon University offers a number of television related services, including Streeme TV, HBOGo, device price quotes, and assistance with university-owned devices.