Computer Replacement Program

Information Technology (IT) has a five-year replacement program for laptop and desktop computers issued to faculty and staff. This refresh process enables the university to replace computers at a pace that keeps up-to-date with changing technology. If your computer is up for replacement, you'll receive a notification via email. Exceptions to the five-year replacement cycle are shared laptop and desktop computers (e.g., student staff computers, adjunct computers), which are replaced on an as-needed basis.

For requests regarding the Computer Replacement Program, select "Submit a Request" and complete the form.

Available To

Faculty and staff with Elon-issued laptops and desktops

Benefits & Key Features

  • A five-year cycle helps keep Elon computers up-to-date with changing technology
  • Models equivalent to the computer being replaced are offered by default; upgraded models from the default are available, but may incur additional costs to the department (additional costs require budget manager approval)


Laptops and desktops in the Computer Replacement Program are replaced at no charge to the individual or department. Additional charges may apply if the faculty or staff chooses a model that is different than the equivalent model offered by default or if they request additional features (e.g., upgraded hardware, etc.).

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