Re-image a Device

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Elon-owned computers are set up using an image, meaning the operating system and all of the necessary software are installed as a package. Re-imaging is the act of clearing off all of the user data on a machine and reapplying the image. This process is sometimes recommended when IT staff have tried various methods to fix a computer issue, but the issue continues to be unresolved. Re-imaging also occurs when employees leave; their computer is given back to IT to be re-imaged (reset) for the next employee. If your computer needs to be re-imaged, note that you should first ensure that you have a backup of all your data (refer to OneDrive or Syncplicity under File Storage and Backup). 

Available To

Faculty, staff, or departments with Elon-issued devices.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Resets the device to the base image, often correcting issues
  • Erases data that could be sensitive and provides a refreshed device to new employees


There is no cost to use this service.

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