Digication is a simple and straightforward online application that enables you to archive and share your academic work and and reflections through the creation of one or more online portfolios.

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Available To

Digication is available to all students, faculty, and staff, though faculty and staff will need to request an account. Students can access Digication by logging into their Elon Gmail account, clicking the app icon, and clicking Digication (usually at the bottom of the app list).

Benefits & Key Features

  • Create a beautiful, structured ePortfolio that can serve as a showcase of your academic work as you begin searching for your first career.
  • Rich multimedia support allows you to easily embed media from a wide variety of online services.
  • Flexible templates allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your ePortfolio’s appearance through a straightforward drag-and-drop interface.
  • ePortfolios can be made private or public, allowing you to share your work with specific users, or turn it into a functional showcase website for potential employers to review.


Elon has added Digication as a Google App. Though Digication offers paid versions of its service, the Google App version has no cost associated with it.


  • Choose "Report an Issue" to get help from IT regarding Digication.
  • Visit Digication's support site
  • We do not provide support on personal devices.
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