Guest Wireless and Computer Access

Elon University maintains a robust wireless data network throughout the entire campus, including several outdoor areas between buildings. University guests have several options for accessing WiFi while on campus. Wireless coverage may be requested for some special events in designated areas on Elon's campus. 

In addition, Elon University faculty and staff may sponsor a guest who needs access to classroom or lab computers. This service is typically used for visiting scholars, guest lecturers, or invited groups who need to utilize computer labs. By sponsoring a guest, faculty and staff accept responsibility for the actions of the hosted guest(s), including users under the age of 16. Guest should be made aware of Elon's Acceptable Use Policy and Network Connection Policy. Before submitting a request for computer or wireless access for your guest(s), review the policies and procedures outlined below. 

To begin the process of requesting computer or wireless access for guests, select "Submit a Request" and complete the form. Please note, group requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance. Depending on the specifications of your request, more than one account may be provisioned.

Types of Guest Wireless Networks


The elonu-secure network is a secure wireless network reserved for those visitors who are on official campus business. This wireless network requires registration and sponsorship by Elon faculty or staff. Please Submit a Request to obtain this type of access.


Visiting faculty, staff, and students from participating eduroam institutions may connect to the eduroam wireless network and use their institution’s credentials to connect to the internet while on Elon’s campus.

Available To

Elon University guests and visitors, and faculty/staff sponsored guests of the university (e.g., visiting scholars, guest lecturers, invited groups using computer labs) 
Please include the Wireless Access request.csv as an attachment to any access request for 5 or more guests.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Free access to a wireless network for campus guests
  • Secure access for guests when using elonu-secure or eduroam
  • Faculty/staff sponsored guest access to Elon computers located in classrooms and computer labs 
  • Enables Elon to host visitors in computer labs (e.g., regional workshops, local outreach, etc.)


There is no cost to use this service.

Policies & Procedures

All guests must review and abide by Elon's Acceptable Usage Policy and Network Connection Policy; faculty and staff sponsors are responsible for the actions of their sponsored guests. 

Elon's Parental Consent Form must be completed for guests under the age of 16. Sponsors should retain the consent forms for their own records.

Other Important Information

  • Group requests are no longer available without individual guest information. Please include the Wireless Access request.csv for any group requests.
  • Accounts are assigned to the computers in the specified location; computer access will not work in other locations
  • Accounts will be immediately deactivated, if illegal or damaging activity is detected
  • Elon University is not responsible for data compromise or issues with the visiting computer systems (such as a virus infection, hack exploit, etc) that may occur while connected to the Elon wireless network.

Other Related Policies

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