Network Connectivity & Infrastructure

Services related to hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide underlying support for institutional activities. Includes data centers, network backbone, wireless, central storage and system backup solutions, server virtualization, and systems management and operations.

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Campus Safety Systems

Elon University maintains a network of campus safety systems, which include 24-hour digital video surveillance, electronic door access, blue light emergency phones, fire panel alarms and emergency panic buttons. Each system enhances safety on campus by offering added security, and in most cases, also by triggering an immediate response by emergency personnel in the event of an emergency.


Elon University's secure, reliable network is critical to the architecture, maintenance and protection of the institution's data infrastructure. This includes all routing, switching, wireless (Wi-Fi networking), specialty products like VoIP, and physical security products (e.g., door access and video surveillance support).

Point of Sale Card Readers

Point of sale card readers are used by Elon Dining, as well as local merchants and vendors, to accept Phoenix Cash.