Elon University maintains a network of campus safety systems, which include 24-hour digital video surveillance, electronic door access, blue light emergency phones, fire panel alarms and emergency panic buttons. Each system enhances safety on campus by offering added security, and in most cases, also by triggering an immediate response by emergency personnel in the event of an emergency.

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Blue Light Emergency Phones

The Blue Light Emergency Phone System is a series of phone stations strategically located throughout the Elon University campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. A blue beacon shines above each phone station, and when in use, an individual can communicate directly with Campus Safety and Police.

Door Access

Elon University offers faculty, staff and students convenient, after hours access to assigned residence halls and campus buildings, and access to other restricted areas via electronic card swipe readers. University issued identification cards, or Phoenix Cards, are required to swipe for after hours entry or entry to other restricted areas.

Fire Panel Alarms

Most Elon University buildings are equipped with fire panel alarms. These units serve as controlling components of each building's fire alarm system. Fire panel alarms receive information from devices designed to detect and report fires, monitors their operational integrity, and transmits critical information necessary for first responders in the event of a fire emergency. In addition, fire alarm pull stations are located in buildings throughout campus. These stations can activate fire alarms once a lever is pulled or by smoke, heat, or other sensors.

Panic Buttons

Some offices and/or departments at Elon are equipped with panic button alarms. Often concealed, these electronic devices assist in alerting security or police in emergency situations.

Security Cameras

Elon University utilizes more than 500 high-definition security cameras positioned around campus to effectively monitor safety related issues and concerns. Overseen by Campus Safety and Police, security cameras are strategically placed along roads and walkways, in parking lots and inside buildings across campus.