Using Kaltura Personal Capture

I. Accessing CaptureSpace

1.) Make sure you have installed the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder first

2.) Log into MediaSpace at

3.) Click 'Add New' and select 'CaptureSpace'

An image with an arrow pointing to Kalture and CaptureSpace circled.

4.) If you are prompted, select the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and click 'OK'

An image of the launch application prompt.

  • If you want to avoid this prompt, check the 'Remember my choice for kaltura-lc links' box.

Congratulations! You have accessed the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and are ready to create a file using CaptureSpace!

II. Creating a CaptureSpace Recording

Like most software, Kaltura CaptureSpace is subject to changes and upgrades at any time. As such, we encourage you to read the documentation supplied by Kaltura regarding the CaptureSpace capability.

III. Uploading and Inserting into MediaSpace

These instructions cover uploading a CaptureSpace recording to MediaSpace. For demonstration purposes, only the Screen Recording option is utilized for this walkthrough.

1.) After you have finished creating a recording using CaptureSpace, click the 'Done' button from the Desktop Recorder

An image of the Done button circled.

2.) Your video will prepare and open in preview mode - Here you can make adjustments (such as trim, chop, add titles or credits) - when finished click 'Done'

An image with the done option circled.

3.) Enter a Title, Description, and any Tags, then click 'Upload'

An image of the upload options screen, with upload circled.

4.) Your CaptureSpace recording will be uploaded to your MediaSpace account

5.) Navigate back to MediaSpace and click your name -> My Media, where your CaptureSpace recording will now appear


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