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When running reports and/or processes in Colleague, you may be prompted to download a file. The download prompt will be displayed with a "Download" button and the name of the file or report under the button. You can use this button two different ways, left click or right click.

This is an image of the download report prompt you may encounter.

Left click on "Download"

With some browsers, the file will download to your Downloads folder and the filename may be displayed at the bottom of the page. Either double click on the filename to open the file from your browser or find the filename in your Downloads folder and open the file.
This is an image of the report file downloading.

With some browsers, a window will appear prompting you to open or save the file. Choose the appropriate option and click on "OK".
This is an example of the prompt to either open the file or save the file.

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Right click on "Download"

Click on "Save link as..." or "Save as...", whichever one you see in the window.
This is an image of prompt when you right-click for the download.

The "Save As" window will appear and you can navigate to where you want to save the file. Click "Save" to save the file.
An example image of where you can save the file.

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