Colleague & Entrinsik Informer Report Request

Ellucian Colleague and Entrinsik Informer have the ability to run reports. While Entrinsik Informer is the most popular tool for running reports to access Colleague data, Colleague also has report capabilities.

If you need to run a report on Colleague data, select "Submit a Request" and let us know your objectives. If you need assistance in updating, creating, or changing an Entrinsik Informer report, we encourage you to start with the knowledge base first: Entrinsik Informer Knowledge Base articles. If you still need assistance, choose “Submit a Request” and let us know how we can help. 

Benefits & Key Features

  • Search the knowledge base first for common questions.
  • If you still need assistance, IT's Enterprise Solutions team can assist you with creating, updating, or changing reports.


Colleague and Entrinsik Informer users


There is no cost associated with this service request.