Learn about the various applications available for research, reporting, and assessment.

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Class Climate: Report an Issue

Class Climate is the system used for the Student Perceptions of Teaching surveys and online course evaluations.

Colleague & Entrinsik Informer Report Request

Ellucian Colleague and Entrinsik Informer have the ability to run reports. While Entrinsik Informer is the most popular tool for running reports in to access Colleague data, Colleague also has report capabilities.

Entrinsik Informer Account Creation

Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows a user to gather information more intuitively from Colleague, making data retrieval and report writing easier. Using Entrinsik, department chairs and program administrators may create or adapt reports to include data retrieved from Colleague related to their program, which can be output to Excel, PDF, XML, or printer-friendly formats.

Entrinsik Informer: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing issues with Entrinsik Informer, report the issue and IT's Enterprise Solutions team will troubleshoot.

Faculty Research & Development Application: Report an Issue

The Faculty Research & Development Application is powered by SharePoint. For troubleshooting, go to SharePoint: Report an Issue page.

IRB Mentor: Report an Issue

IRB Mentor, powered by Axiom, is a platform used by Elon's Institutional Review Board (IRB) to receive, review, and process IRB applications.


Qualtrics allows faculty, staff, and students to create and send surveys or projects; participation invitations and reminders; display results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of forms (to CSV, XML, HTML, and SPSS).

Synoptix Request

Synoptix is a financial accounting reporting tool used primarily by Elon's Accounting Department.

Synoptix: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing an issue with Synoptix, report the issue and IT will troubleshoot.