Ellucian Colleague (the University’s integrated administration system, also known as an Enterprise Resource Planning system or "ERP") documentation, with applications that support Student Administration, Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll.

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DUO & AnyConnect for Colleague VPN Access - Frequently Asked Questions

DUO Security and AnyConnect for Colleague VPN access FAQ.

DUO Security & Colleague VPN Using Cisco AnyConnect

Overview of DUO Security and Colleague VPN using Cisco AnyConnect.

Colleague - FAQ and Helpful Hints

FAQ and helpful hints for using Ellucian Colleague

Download Reports from Colleague

Overview of how to download reports from Colleague.

Favorite Forms and People in Colleague

Add and access favorite forms and people in Colleague.

Search for People or Forms in Colleague

Overview of how to search for people or forms in Ellucian Colleague.