Request a Student Refund

Access the Refund Request form

The Refund Request form can be accessed through OnTrack. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Students. Under the section labeled Financial Information, select Refund Request to access the form.

Complete the request form

At the top of the form is the student's ID, Name and Amount available for refund. This is for informational purposes only.

In the 3rd section, indicate the amount of the refund request. If requesting an amount other than the full amount available then enter the amount in the blank box labeled Other amount:.

In the 4th section, indicate the method of refund, either direct deposit, paper check, Phoenix Cash or Food Dollars. If bank information is on file then it will be displayed and a paper check will not be an option. If a paper check is desired and bank information is on file then access the Bank Information (U.S.) For Student Refunds form and delete the information.

If a paper check is desired then indicate the payable information by choosing the name displayed or entering a new name in the Paper check payable to: box.

In the 5th section, indicate the method of delivery if a paper check is desired. Choose to pick up the check in the Bursar's Office in Alamance 113 or have it mailed. Choose either the address displayed or enter a new address, city, state and zip code in the Mailed to: box.

Click Submit when the form has been completed. If errors are encountered and the form needs to be cleared, click on the Clear all choices link to completely clear the form.

Confirmation page

Once the form has been completed and submitted, a confirmation page will be displayed with the information that was entered. The request will be processed by the Bursar's Office and an email response will be sent within 24-48 hours.


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