Banking Information for Student Refund Direct Deposit

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Access Banking Information

Log into OnTrack and click on the Banking Information button or select Financial Information (institution icon) from the left navigation menu and choose Banking Information.

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Add an Account

Banking Information is used both for payroll direct deposit and student refund direct deposit. To add a student refund direct deposit bank account, follow these instructions using the Refunds, Reimbursements & Payments section.

  1. To add a new account, click on the +Add an Account button on the right side of the page.

  1. Slide the Activate toggle to the right.

  1. Enter the Effective Date and click Next.  Skip to Account Details for further instructions.

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Account Details
  1. Enter the Account Nickname for the account you are adding.
  2. Enter the Routing Number for your bank.
    • Hover on the information icon below Routing Number and Bank Account Number for help with locating those numbers.
  3. Enter your bank account number in the Bank Account Number and Re-enter Bank Account Number fields.
    • If the account numbers do not match each other then they will turn red and display the following error message: Bank account numbers do not match.
    • Re-enter the number in each box so they match.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree to them.
  5. Click Submit.

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Account Verification

New accounts have an initial Verification status of Not Verified.  Funds will not be deposited into your account until the Verification status is Verified and verification takes up to 24 hours to process.

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Edit, Inactivate or End, or Reactivate an Account

Edit an Account

After a bank account is considered verified, you can change only the account nickname and bank account usage information. You cannot change other information, such as the bank account number.

Inactivate or End an Account

Select the account that you want to end. Under Bank Account Usage, slide the Activate toggle to the left. This sets the end date to today and inactivates the account. 

Be aware, however, that if you are ending an active account and refund processing has been completed, your change will take effect with the next refund request.

Reactivate an Account

Accounts are not able to be reactivated.  Instead, you must add the account again.

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Email Notification

Any time an account is added, changed, or ended using the OnTrack Banking Information form, an email notification is sent to your Elon email address.

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