Time Entry for Supervisors of Student Staff - FAQ

What if the student does not electronically sign and submit their timesheet on time?

The student may not be paid on a timely basis. Electronic time reporting is a commonly used tool and familiarity with it will benefit the student in future employment situations. In order for the student to be paid, you must submit a Payroll Manual Timesheet.

What if a supervisor is gone at the end of the payroll?

Each student is assigned an alternate supervisor who can review and approve time. The primary and alternative supervisor should coordinate who will approve student timesheets each period.

What if a student worked in an earlier pay period but didn’t record all of their hours and now the timesheet is not accessible?

The supervisor will need to contact Renie Thompson in Payroll at 336-278-5284 and submit a Payroll Manual Timesheet for the missed pay. Students should record and submit hours worked during the correct time period. It is imperative that students do not “stockpile” hours in order to receive one lump sum payment.

What if a student entered her/his time on the wrong position?

During the pay period and before the student has checked the box to submit her/his hours for supervisor approval, the student can delete the incorrect hours and enter them on the correct timesheet.

If the student has submitted the timesheet and the supervisor has not yet approved it, the supervisor can reject the timesheet so the student can enter it on the correct position or the supervisor may correct the timesheet directly.

If the student and the supervisor both approved the hours for payment, the supervisor needs to submit an Expense Correction Form to Renie Thompson in Payroll so that the proper budget is charged for the pay. Learn how to fill out the Expense Correction Form.

What if I don’t see all the students listed for those who report to me?

If a student is not listed, that person or position may not have been assigned to Web Time Entry in the system yet. Note that students will not be set up with access to Web Time Entry and should not be working until their work agreement is completed and submitted.
First, contact Donna Boggs in Human Resources at 336-278-5260 to ensure the work agreement has been entered. Finally, contact Renie Thompson in Payroll at 336-278-5284 to ensure there are no other problems.

What is the difference between a primary supervisor and an alternate supervisor?

All students should have both a primary and alternate supervisor. The primary supervisor should be their day-to-day supervisor, the one who will generally know when a student works and the one who will generally approve the student timesheet each month. The alternate supervisor may be one of many things: 1) a back-up to the primary supervisor in case of the primary supervisor's absence; 2) an individual responsible for monitoring departmental student employment compared to budget; 3) a second supervisor in the case of a student that reports equally to two supervisors.

What if my student staff member is paid by stipend?

Stipend requests will be paid using the bi-weekly schedule. Contact Renie Thompson in Payroll at 336-278-5284 with any questions. All stipend requests should be submitted to Renie Thompson in person or sent through campus mail at CB 2900.

What if my student staff member does not sign their timesheet but I approve it?

A student will be paid for timesheets submitted with just the supervisor approval.


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