Technology and Onboarding New Employees


Learn about technology services available to new Elon employees, how to access them, and how to submit new requests.


There are a variety of accounts, applications, and productivity tools available when someone begins employment at Elon. As a hiring manager or supervisor, you should submit requests on behalf of your new employee after their Elon Account has been created. Below you will find the standard services available by default, some available by request, and some that can by requested based on the new employee's department or role.

Once you know all the services your new employee will need, we encourage you to select the "Submit a Request" button to request them all at the same time rather than submitting individual tickets for each one yourself. A member of the Technology Service Desk will follow up with you to coordinate all the technology needed once you've submitted the request. We encourage you to plan in advance of the new employee's first day as some requests take time to process and may not be available as same-day requests. Please note, orders for computers and other equipment are subject to availability and shipping. If technology equipment is not already available for the new hire, please submit a request to purchase technology hardware ahead of the onboarding process to ensure hardware is available for them to use when they arrive. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Standard Services

Elon offers a variety of "standard" services that are automatically configured and available to new employees once the Elon Account has been created. Click the "Show" checkbox to expand or hide the section.

Accounts and Access

Elon Account
Wireless Access

Information Security and Data Protection

Multi-factor Authentication with Duo Security
LastPass Premium

Software and Applications

Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Creative Cloud
Linkedin Learning

Technology Support

IT Support

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Services Available by Request

In addition to the "standard" services provided to new employees, Elon offers a variety of other services by request. Click the "Show" checkbox to expand or hide the section.

Information Security and Data Protection

Information Security Alerts
VPN Off-Campus Access

Software and Applications

Entrinsik Informer
Other Software

Technology Hardware and Devices

Computers and Accessories
Desk Phones
Mobile Devices
Canon Printing, Copying, and Scanning

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Services Available by Department or Role

You may also need to request additional access or services based on department or role responsibilities. Click the "Show" checkbox to expand or hide the section.

HIPAA Training
PCI DSS Training
Parking App for Campus Safety & Police
TeamDynamix for Information Technology
Titanium for Counseling Services

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