Basic steps of setting up a standard Elon classroom for a blended class session using newly installed technology equipment and web conferencing tools.

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Connect Classroom Technology to Zoom

Directions on utilizing Zoom in a hybrid (part-online, part-in-person) class.

Connect Classroom Technology to Webex

Directions on utilizing Webex in a hybrid (part-online, part-in-person) class.

Good Practices for Combining In-Classroom and Remote Students

Quick tips for conducting a class where some of your students are in the classroom, while others are join remotely.

Connect Classroom Technology to Microsoft Teams

Directions on utilizing Microsoft Teams in a hybrid (part-online, part-in-person) class.

Surge Spaces and Common Technology

In response to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, many of the higher capacity meeting and event spaces on campus were converted to classroom spaces, also called surge spaces. This article covers how to utilize some of the common technology found in these rooms.