Using WebEx for calls, meetings, events, and more.

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Pinned Article Live Lectures with Webex

Tips for using Webex for live lectures.

Pinned Article Quickly Get Started with Webex

Learn how to quickly get started using Webex.

Breakout Rooms Using your Personal Room on Webex

This article walks users through how to use break out rooms in Webex using a Personal Room

Creating a Poll in Webex

This article shows how to create a poll within a Webex meeting to gather feedback, take votes, or test knowledge.

Creating Webex Sessions in Moodle

This article outlines the steps to take in order to add a Webex meeting into a Moodle course.

Quick Meetings with Webex Personal Rooms

Start a quick video call with Webex Personal Rooms.

Recording a Presentation in Webex

Resources for using Webex to record a lecture video to share with your students.

Schedule a Webex Meeting

This article discusses how to schedule a Webex meeting outside of Moodle.

Share Media in Webex

Tutorial for watching online and video files in a Webex meeting

Tips for a Successful Webex

This article contains tips about hosting a successful Webex meeting.

Uploading Webex Recordings via Kaltura

How to record a Webex meeting and upload it to Moodle.

Verify your Elon Webex Account

Verify and activate your Elon Webex account

Virtual Office Hours with Webex

Good practices for using Webex for virtual office hours.

Join a Webex Meeting

Learn how to join a Webex meeting.

Webex - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Webex.

How to Host a Webex Meeting

These instructions cover hosting and initiating a Webex Meeting.

Recommended Webex Documentation

This article provides links to recommended documentation regarding Webex from Cisco.