The Maker Hub is a workspace with tools, supplies, and people to help faculty, staff, and students explore ideas, learn how things work, and make stuff. There are two Maker Hub locations on campus: Downtown Elon (above Pandora's Pies) and Colonnades Building E.

For more information, visit the Maker Hub site:

Services (8)

3D Design & Printing

Turn your ideas into physical objects with 3D printers.

Basic Tools

Access a variety of tools in the Maker Hub to create your physical project, whether you need a vinyl cutter or just a basic tool kit.

CNC Routing

CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that carve and cut wood, composites, foam, and some plastics.


The Maker Hub has microcomputers, microcontrollers, and PC workstations with 3D and 2D design software.


Use soldering irons, circuit boards, LEDs, and other electronics components to fix old electronics or create something entirely new.

Laser Engraving

Laser engravers use a high-powered laser to cut or engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and paper.


Use power and hand saws to make angled, straight, and curved cuts of wood and plastic.


The Maker Hub has a variety of textile equipment and supplies, from sewing and embroidery machines to micro-controllers that allow you to build sensors into clothes.