Password management services, including the Self-Service Password Maintenance Site and LastPass.

Articles (7)

Elon LastPass Account

Create a LastPass account with your Elon email address.

Elon Password Maintenance Site

Discusses Elon's Password Maintenance Site used for your Elon account (wireless, email, Moodle, web services, etc.).

Install LastPass

Outlines how to install LastPass.

Link an Elon LastPass Account to a Personal LastPass Account

Link your Elon LastPass account to your personal LastPass account.

Personal LastPass Account

Sign-up for a personal LastPass account.

Self-Service Password Maintenance Site - Change your Elon Account Password

Change the password for Elon University email, Moodle, campus logins, and network storage.

Self-Service Password Site - Reset Forgotten Password

Discusses how to reset a forgotten password for your Elon University email, Moodle, network storage, and campus login accounts.