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Available learning spaces with technology in the facility.

Inman Admission Presentation Rooms

Update the content shown in Clohan Theatre (Room 113), Weisenburger (Room 112) and Bright Room (Room 104)

Inman Admissions 104 - Bright Room

This room can seat around 10 people and serves as a private meeting room.

Inman Admissions 112 - Weisenburger Presentation Room

This presentation area seats around 55 people and is directly across from the Clohan Theatre.

Inman Admissions 113 - Clohan Theatre

Provides a presentation space for student and family visitors to Elon.

Inman Admissions 200 - Shipowitz Family Conference Room

The conference room has seating for 22 people, serving as a private presentation and meeting room.