Elon has several platforms for publishing web content. Most public-facing Elon University websites, including sites for departments, centers, and programs, utilize the WordPress platform. These sites all maintain a professional look and feel consistent with the Elon University brand. Other options for web publishing include blogs (also offered via WordPress) and personal websites offered to faculty and staff.

Services (6)

Blogs: Report an Issue

Elon’s blog service, located at blogs.elon.edu, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

Personal Website Request

IT provides personal web space for Elon faculty and staff to create their online presence with the facstaff.elon.edu domain.

Personal Website: Report an Issue

Although personal websites are largely self-supported, let us know if you are having problems connecting to your personal web space or are experiencing other issues.

Public Account Creation Site Permissions

Request permission to use the Public Account Creation site to create temporary accounts for community members, official university visitors, or Elon faculty and staff who are have not yet received their official Elon login accounts. Access to this site is highly restricted to designated Library staff, Service Desk staff, and Law School staff.

Public Account Creation Site: Report an Issue

Report an issue with the Public Account Creation site, the site utilized by authorized users to create public, guest, or temporary accounts.

Website: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing a problem with any Elon University website, please report the issue.