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Available learning spaces with technology in Powell.

Powell 108K

Conference room equipped with a table, rolling chairs, multiple conference calling programs, data projector, and a screen.

Powell 210

Classroom that seats up to 25 students and includes a a desktop computer, overhead projector, a touch panel.

Powell 213 - Elon Polls

Student workers can call participants while being managed by a faculty member sitting at the front of the room. Up to 30 students and 1 supervisor can be conducting polls in the room at once.

Powell 302

Classroom with a projector system and seating for 33 students.

Powell 304

Seats up to 30 students and features a desktop computer and projector system.

Powell 306

Classroom and lab with seating available for 24 people and includes a document camera, an overhead projector, and a touch panel controlling the entire room.

Powell 311

Seats up to 28 students and features a desktop computer and overhead projector system.