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25Live: Report an Issue

Get support with the 25Live scheduling and event-publishing system.

3D Design & Printing

Turn your ideas into physical objects with 3D printers.


Academic Announcements: Report an Issue

Academic Announcements is an app that feeds data into the Hometown News Releases website. The Hometown News Releases site offers a way for students and parents to publicize their Commencement, President’s List, and Dean’s List achievements.

AcceptD: Report an Issue

AcceptD is the digital platform that Elon University's Department of Performing Arts uses as an initial screening process (pre-screen) for the in-person audition/interview.

Add/Change/Remove Budget Number

Request the addition or change of a budget number used for print and copy service.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Access Adobe Creative Cloud for free as Elon facutly, staff, and students.

AppsAnywhere Request

Request the installation of AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution, in a PC computer lab on Elon's campus.

AppsAnywhere: Report an Issue

Report an issue with AppsAnywhere, a leading software deployment solution used in specific PC computer labs on Elon's campus.


AppTrack is Elon’s online position management and applicant tracking system for staff employees.

Audio: Report an Issue

Most classrooms and meeting spaces have integrated audio capabilities, enabling the class or attendees to hear audio being played through the classroom computer, connected laptop, or DVD player.


Basic Tools

Access a variety of tools in the Maker Hub to create your physical project, whether you need a vinyl cutter or just a basic tool kit.


Elon’s blog service, located at, utilizes the WordPress platform to give Elon faculty, staff, and students an easy tool for online writing.

Blue Light Emergency Phone: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a Blue Light Emergency Phone.

Budget Request Form

The Budget Request Form is a restricted form used by budget managers, directors, senior staff, and deans to request additional money for the next budget year.


Calendaring: Report an Issue

Report an issue with calendaring within your Elon University email account.

CeDiploma: Report an Issue

A CeDiploma is an electronic version of an Elon University diploma available to graduates whose degrees were conferred in May 2015 or later.

Change Name / Department / Budget Number for Line of Service

Update the name, associated department, or budget number for a university-issued mobile device.

Cisco Jabber Request

Request Cisco Jabber.

Cisco Jabber: Report an Issue

Report an issue with Jabber.

Class Climate

Class Climate is the system used for the Student Perceptions of Teaching surveys and online course evaluations.

Classroom Technology Training

IT offers individual training on the technology found in Elon's classrooms and meeting spaces.

Clearinghouse: Report an Issue

Clearinghouse refers to the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization that Elon University has authorized to provide degree and enrollment verification. Employers and background screening companies are referred to the National Student Clearinghouse when requesting verification. Student may obtain their own verification by going to

CNC Routing

CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that carve and cut wood, composites, foam, and some plastics.

Colleague Access for Student Staff

If your student staff needs access to Colleague, submit a request and tell us more about the information the student needs to access.

Colleague Account Creation

In order to access Colleague, Elon's business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, accounts must be specially created.

Colleague and Entrinsik Informer: Off-Campus Access Request

If your work requires access to Colleague and Entrinsik Informer, you may request off-campus access as the need arises.

Colleague: Change Permissions

If you already have access to Colleague, you can request to add, remove, or change your account permissions as needed.

Colleague: Report an Issue

Report a technical issue with Colleague.

Computer Hardware: Report an Issue

Report an issue with university-issued computers or accessories.

Computer Lab Software Request

Request software installations, upgrades, or configuration changes for a traditional or virtual computer lab on Elon's campus.

Computer Replacement Program

For requests regarding the Computer Replacement Program for university-issued computers for faculty and staff.


The Maker Hub has microcomputers, microcontrollers, and PC workstations with 3D and 2D design software.

Conference Call Bridge

Request a conference call bridge.

Conference Registration Request

The Conference Registration Request service is specifically for conferences or events that require payment. If you need to create a conference or event registration page that does not include payment, we recommend using Qualtrics.

Conference Registration: Report an Issue

Report an issue with Elon's Conference Registration form, the registration form reserved for events or conferences that require payment.

Connect Devices to the Wireless Network

Consumer-grade wireless devices (e.g., printers, Roku, gaming consoles) can connect to Elon's WiFi through the elonu-connect wireless network. Before connecting, you'll need to register your device through the MyDevices portal.


CourseLink helps to facilitate and record the relationships between academic service learning (ASL) courses and the community partner organizations that students work with to complete the service component of the course.

CPAM: Report an Issue

Door access administrators may report an issue with CPAM.

Crestron: Report an Issue

Crestron touch-screen panels, found in most classrooms and many event and meeting spaces, control the room's technology.

Custom Application Request

Request the development of a custom application or form.

Custom Application: Report an Issue

Many of IT's custom applications are already found in the Service Catalog. Before reporting an issue, search for the application and follow the directions for troubleshooting or getting help. If the service page hasn't been added or if you can't locate it, report the issue here.

Customized Colleague Request

Customized Colleague Requests include requests for a customized process, or a change to an existing process.


Data Port Request

Request the installation of a data port in a location on Elon University's campus.

Data Port: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a data port on Elon University's campus.

Dedoose Account Request

Request a Dedoose account.

Desk Phone Purchase

Request the purchase of a desk phone.

Desk Phone: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a desk phone.


Digication is a simple and straightforward online application that enables you to archive and share your academic work and reflections through the creation of one or more online portfolios.

Digital Signage: Report an Issue

Digital signage gives the University community an opportunity to visually communicate events, announcements, and other information to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Document Camera Request

Many classrooms have a document camera permanently installed. If your location doesn't have a document camera, a limited number of document cameras are available for checkout through Campus Technology Support (CTS).

Document Camera: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing a problem with a document camera, please report the issue.

Door Access Card Reader: Report an Issue

Report an issue with gaining access to an Elon University campus building using your Phoenix Card, for which you have been approved.


E-Alert: Report an Issue

Report an issue with accessing E-Alert.

E-Bill: Report an Issue

E-Bill is Elon University’s electronic billing and payment system that allows students and authorized users 24×7 access to view bills, make payments, and manage their student account.

E-Connect iPad Request

Request your Nursing program ipad.

E-Connect iPad: Report an Issue

Report an issue with your Nursing program ipad.

eDocs Permissions

Request new or revised eDocs permissions.

eDocs: Report an Issue

Report an issue accessing eDocs.


Use soldering irons, circuit boards, LEDs, and other electronics components to fix old electronics or create something entirely new.

Elon Account Request

Request an Elon Account for student employees and vendors or make changes to your own.

Elon Job Network: Report an Issue

The Elon Job Network is a platform that connects employers with Elon students and alumni.

Email List Request

Submit a request to create, delete, or change administrators of an email list.

Email: Report an Issue

Report an issue with your Elon University email account.

Enable Third Party Application with Microsoft

Submit a request for a third party application to be incorporated into Elon's Microsoft suite.

Entrinsik Informer Account Creation

Entrinsik Informer is a web-based reporting tool that allows a user to gather information more intuitively from Colleague, making data retrieval and report writing easier. Using Entrinsik, department chairs and program administrators may create or adapt reports to include data retrieved from Colleague related to their program, which can be output to Excel, PDF, XML, or printer-friendly formats.

Entrinsik Informer Report Request

Entrinsik Infomer is a web-based reporting tool.

Entrinsik Informer: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing issues with Entrinsik Informer, report the issue and IT's Enterprise Solutions team will troubleshoot.

Event Technology: Report an Issue

Report an issue with technology at an Elon event.

Events Management App: Report an Issue

Elon's Events Management app allows users to sign up for events, invite others to events, and view upcoming and past events.


EZProxy is the name of the service Belk Library uses for access to, and authentication of, library resources.


Faculty Employment

Elon's Faculty Employment website lists all open faculty positions.

Faculty Loaner Laptop Request

Faculty may submit a request for a loaner laptop to assist with online instruction during COVID-19 response.

Faculty Reassigned Time

Report an issue with the Faculty Reassigned Time application.

Financial Integrity Line Form

Report an issue with the Financial Integrity Line Form, a confidential channel for reporting fraud, financial misconduct, or violations.

Fire Panel Alarm: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a fire panel alarm.

First Year Course Selection: Report an Issue

The First Year Course Selection website, also referred to as Elon's online course request module, guides incoming first year students through majors and first-year foundations requirements, and suggests first-year courses to satisfy requirements. In the module, students specify their preferences for courses in the fall semester.

First Year Summer Experience Registration: Report an Issue

Elon's First-Year Summer Experience (FSE) programs offer incoming students fun and enriching opportunities to engage with other students and faculty before arriving on campus in the fall. Incoming students use the First Year Summer Experience Registration website to choose a program and submit payments.


Alert Information Technology if the FIXit system does not seem to be working properly. To report facility-related problems, contact Facilities Management directly.


Global Plan / International Feature Request

Stay connected to others around the world or while traveling abroad for university business.

Google Apps Request

Request Google Apps be enabled on an Elon-managed account.

Google Hangouts

Report an issue accessing Google Hangouts.

Guest Wireless and Computer Access

Elon provides two WiFi for Elon guests: elonu-secure, and eduroam. elonu-secure wireless network is for those visitors who are on official campus business (requires sponsorship). Eduroam may be utilized by visiting faculty, staff and students from participating eduroam institutions. In addition, Elon University faculty and staff may sponsor a guest who needs access to classroom or lab computers. This service is typically used for visiting scholars, guest lecturers, or invited groups who need to utilize computer labs.


I need help. Something isn't working correctly.

Report an issue to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure what isn't working correctly or are unable to find it under another category.

I want to request something. Nothing is broken or working incorrectly.

Submit a general request to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure what to ask for or are unable to find it under another category.


IntelliBoard is a reporting and analytics tool integrated into Moodle, Elon's learning management system.

International & Long Distance Calling for Desk Phones

Request long distance and international calling for a desk phone.

iPad with Cellular Service Purchase

Submit a request to purchase a cellular iPad on the university managed account.

IRB Mentor: Report an Issue

IRB Mentor, powered by Axiom, is a platform used by Elon's Institutional Review Board (IRB) to receive, review, and process IRB applications.



Kaltura is an easy way to share videos at Elon.

Key Fob Request

Request a key fob for use with DUO Security multi-factor authentication.

Kiosk: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing issues with Kiosk, Elon's custom application for tracking re-occurring event attendees or walk-up location traffic, report the issue.


Laser Engraving

Laser engravers use a high-powered laser to cut or engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and paper.


LastPass is a secure password management tool that helps Elon University faculty, staff and students manage passwords.

Letters of Agreement

Annual letters of agreement are available in OnTrack for full-time faculty and salaried staff. Faculty and staff are notified when the letter of agreement is available and are asked to approve or decline the agreement.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an extensive on-demand training platform available to Elon users.

Live Event Streaming

Report an issue with live event streaming.

Locate Network Cabling

Request assistance locating network cabling in a location on Elon's campus.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Report lost or stolen university-issued devices to Information Technology.


Mailing List: Report an Issue

Report an issue with an Elon University mailing list.

Malware Scans

Report an issue with virus scans on your Elon University owned device.

Microsoft Office

Report an issue with a Microsoft Office product.

Mobile Device: Report an Issue

Report an issue with an Elon-issued mobile device.

Mobile Hot Spot Request

A mobile hotspot is a feature on most smartphones that enables you to share the phone's data connection with other Wi-Fi devices (e.g., laptops, tablets). While some university-sponsored cellular plans include mobile hotspots, others do not.

Mobile Phone Purchase

Submit a request to purchase a university-issued and managed mobile phone.

Moodle Request

Request a non-academic course (academic courses are automatically created), course template, or feature enhancements.

Moodle: Report an Issue

Report issues with Moodle.

Multi-Factor Authentication Request

Request assistance with your multi-factor authentication account and managing your devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Report an Issue

Report an issue with accessing Duo Security.


New Voice Mailbox Request

Request new voice mailbox setup.



OCLC is a global library collective that promotes learning, communication, and collaboration. Belk Library utilizes OCLC products (such as WorldCat) to power the library circulation system and connect to library networks, catalogs, and databases around the world.

Online Directory Change for Human Resources

This service is used by Human Resources staff when an update to information listed in Elon's online Faculty & Staff Directory is required.

Online Directory for Faculty & Staff: Report an Issue

The Faculty & Staff Directory is a publicly-accessible directory of university faculty and staff. Each directory page serves as a public profile for faculty and staff and includes their name, picture (if available), title, department, contact information and other optional information such as bio, education, publications and more.

Online Directory for Students: Report an Issue

Elon's Student Directory allows students, faculty, and staff to search for students by name to discover their Elon email address, campus box (if applicable), and year.

Online Summer Learning

During Summer Session I and II, Elon University offers online courses for currently enrolled undergraduate students.

OnTrack: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing issues with OnTrack, first browse the OnTrack articles found in the Knowledge Base. Also, remember that your OnTrack password may be different than your Elon account password (the account used for accessing email, Moodle, etc.).

Orientation T-Shirt Sales & Picnic: Report an Issue

Incoming students can pre-order orientation t-shirts and farewell picnic tickets (for non-Elon students).

Other Security Issues: Report an Issue

Report a compromised device, account, or other information security related threat.


Panic Button: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a panic button.

Parchment: Report an Issue

Elon University has authorized Parchment, Inc. to provide electronic transcript ordering. Current students can also use Parchment for a Visual Experiential Transcript (Visual EXP).

Parking App Permissions Request

Request administrative permissions to the Parking web app.

Parking Permit Registration: Report an Issue

Report a technical issue with the Parking Permit Registration system that allows students to request and pay for parking permits.

Parking Ticket Payment: Report an Issue

Report a technical issue with the parking ticket payment system.

Personal Mobile Devices & Service

University employees are eligible for a discounted rate from both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless.

Personal Website Request

IT provides personal web space for Elon faculty and staff to create their online presence with the domain.

Personal Website: Report an Issue

Although personal websites are largely self-supported, let us know if you are having problems connecting to your personal web space or are experiencing other issues.

Philo Edu

Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets anywhere on the campus network.


Report phishing threats.

PhoenixCONNECT: Report an Issue

PhoenixCONNECT is the online platform for students to learn about the many opportunities for getting involved on campus. This system is also the starting place for submitting student-organized event requests.

Point of Sale Card Reader Request

Request a point of sale card reader.

Point of Sale Card Reader: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a point of sale card reader.

Price Quote / Purchase Software

Request a price quote or submit a purchase request for software.

Price Quote / Purchase Technology Hardware

Request a price quote or submit a purchase request for technology hardware.

Print Driver Installation

Report an issue with print driver installation.

Print/Copy/Scan: Report an Issue

Report an issue with printing, copying, or scanning.

Proctoring Camera Station Request

Request assistance with proctoring cameras on campus.

Proctoring Camera Station: Report an Issue

Report an issue with proctoring cameras on campus.

Projector: Report an Issue

If a classroom or meeting space has a projector issue, first look up the location in the Knowledge Base for some simple troubleshooting tips. If the issue doesn't resolve, report the issue.

Public Account Creation Site Permissions

Request permission to use the Public Account Creation site to create temporary accounts for community members, official university visitors, or Elon faculty and staff who have not yet received their official Elon email login accounts. Access to this site is highly restricted to designated staff at Belk Library, the Law School, and the Technology Service Desk.

Public Account Creation Site: Report an Issue

Report an issue with the Public Account Creation site, the site utilized by authorized users to create public, guest, or temporary accounts.

Purchase Requisition Enhancement Request

Requests to enhance the capabilities of the Purchase Requisition System may be submitted for consideration by Purchasing and Information Technology.

Purchase Requisition: Report an Issue

Elon University requires a purchase request for orders that exceed $1,000. These requests are submitted through the Purchase Requisition System and routed to those who need to sign-off on the request before it’s officially placed with the vendor.



Qualtrics allows faculty, staff, and students to create and send surveys or projects; participation invitations and reminders; display results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of forms (to CSV, XML, HTML, and SPSS).


Raiser's Edge NXT Account Creation

Raiser's Edge NXT is a cloud-based fundraising and relationship management solution used by the Office of University Advancement to manage data, develop richer profiles, and communicate with alumni and parents.

Raiser's Edge NXT Request

Request a new Raiser's Edge NXT custom process, or request an update to an existing process.

Raiser's Edge NXT: Report an Issue

Generally, issues related to Raiser's Edge NXT are handled by the vendor, Blackbaud. However, if the issue is related to accounts or Citrix, IT will troubleshoot the issue.

Re-Image a Device

Re-imaging is the act of clearing off all of the user data on a machine and reapplying the base image (the operating system and core software).

Release Elon Number to a Personal Account

When your role no longer requires you to carry a university-issued mobile device, you can request to have your Elon mobile number released to your personal account.

Reset Email Password

Reset your email password using Elon University's Password Self-Service Site.

Reset OnTrack Password

If you've forgotten your OnTrack password or simply need to change it, use OnTrack's "Reset My Password" feature.

Reset Voicemail Pin

Request a PIN reset for accessing voicemail or other phone mailbox settings on an Elon desk phone.

RightFax Installation

Request RightFax installation if there has been an equipment change or a change to the designated faculty or staff member assigned to RightFax in your department.

RightFax Number Request

RightFax allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their computer. To access this service, you must first request a RightFax number.

RightFax: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing an issue with RightFax, first consult the knowledge base to troubleshoot. If you are still having problems, report the issue.

Roku: Report an Issue

Report an issue with university-owned Roku attached to TVs found in common areas and various meeting/classroom spaces.


SAS: Report an Issue

Report an issue with SAS.


Use power and hand saws to make angled, straight, and curved cuts of wood and plastic.

Schedule a consultation

Technology consulting is available to help evaluate your academic and administrative needs and pair those needs with possible technology solutions.

Security Camera Request

Request installation of a security camera at a location on Elon University's campus.

Security Camera: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a security camera on the Elon University campus.

Security Training Access Request

If Allied World/FrameWRX does not recognize your Elon email address, submit a request for access to the security training.

Security Training: Report an Issue

Report an issue with Elon's security awareness training modules.

Service Hour Validation: Report an Issue

The Service Hour Validation site records various types of volunteer service completed by undergraduate and law school students.

Shared Drive: Report an Issue

Report an issue accessing a shared drive on the Elon University network.

Shared Mailbox Request

A shared mailbox is a central email address that can be accessed and monitored by multiple people.

Shared Mailbox: Report an Issue

Shared mailboxes provide a way to field messages to a central email address that several users can access and monitor. Before reporting an issue with a shared mailbox, browse through the related Knowledge Base articles to see if your question has been covered. If you are still having problems, report the issue.

SharePoint Request

Request a new feature, form, or workflow in SharePoint.

SharePoint Team Site Permissions

Request or make changes to SharePoint Team Site permissions.

SharePoint Team Site Request

Request the creation of a SharePoint Team Site.

SharePoint: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a SharePoint Team Site or a SharePoint-powered form.

Skype for Business

Report an issue with Skype for Business.


Slate is a customer relationship management (CRM) system used by undergraduate and graduate admissions offices for managing recruitment.

Smartboard: Report an Issue

A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard and multimedia presentation system that displays content from a data projector.

Software Training

Request training for university-supported software.

Software: Report an Issue

Report an issue with university-supported software.

Student Access for a Fac/Staff printer

Request student access for a faculty/staff printer.

Student ORG Site: Report an Issue

Although many student organization are now utilizing PhoenixCONNECT for their web presence, some still utilize the server. If you are experiencing issues with your student organization site on the server, report the issue.

Studio Abroad: Report an Issue

Studio Abroad, known as My Elon Global, is an online study abroad management system and software program used by the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.

Suspend or Deactivate Cellular Service

Request to suspend or deactivate cellular service to a university-issued and managed device.

Sustainability Pledge

Report an issue with the Sustainability Pledge.

Syncplicity Installation

Request the installation of Syncplicity on your university-issued device.

Syncplicity Storage Increase

Request an increase in storage capacity for your Syncplicity account.

Syncplicity: Report an Issue

Report an issue with accessing Syncplicity.

Synoptix Request

Synoptix is a financial accounting reporting tool used primarily by Elon's Accounting Department.

Synoptix: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing an issue with Synoptix, report the issue and IT will troubleshoot.



Taskstream is a portfolio management system used by the School of Education for documenting and tracking student mastery of program competencies.


The Maker Hub has a variety of textile equipment and supplies, from sewing and embroidery machines to micro-controllers that allow you to build sensors into clothes.

The Housing Director: Report an Issue

The Housing Director allows new and returning students to submit their housing applications, electronically sign their housing agreement, answer personal/living preference questions, and choose a meal plan.

Ticker: Report an Issue

Tickers are specialized format displays that often consist of multiple displays put together to form a virtual ribbon. The use varies by location; examples include the tickers in the KoBC; Sankey and outside McEwen.

Titanium Request

Submit Titanium feature requests, ask for assistance with web components and database updates, or request access though AppsAnywhere

Titanium: Report an Issue

Report an issue with Titanium.

Toner/Paper for Classrooms and Labs

Notify IT staff that a student print station is running low on toner or paper.


TouchNet is the system that powers E-Bill, Elon University’s electronic billing and payment system. This page is specifically for Bursar staff to report issues with TouchNet.

Transfer Articulation: Report an Issue

The Transfer Articulation website is a database of previously evaluated courses from other institutions that have been paired with the corresponding Elon course equivalent.

Transfer Team Ownership

Transfer ownership of a team in Microsoft Teams.

Transportation / Airport Shuttle

Elon offers students an airport shuttle to the Piedmont-Triad and Raleigh-Durham airports at designated break times throughout the year, as well as a charter bus service to Washington DC during Thanksgiving Break. Students can use the Transportation Services website to reserve a seat and submit payment.

TV: Report an Issue

Report an issue with university-owned TVs found in common areas and various meeting/classroom spaces.


United Way Request

United Way organizers can submit a request to change aspects of the United Way form.

United Way: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing an issue with the United Way form located in OnTrack, please report the issue.

University Switchboard

Elon University's switchboard, (336) 278-2000, is the first level of support for those utilizing the university telephone system and/or seeking information about Elon University.

Unlock Colleague Session

Learn more about unlocking a Colleague session.

Update Extension Request

Request an update to a university desk phone extension.


Vendor Access

Request an account for a vendor.

Verizon Jetpack Loaner Request

The Verizon Jetpack provides internet access outside of campus wifi availability.

Video Production Request

Video production service requests are handled by multiple providers across campus, including Media Services, Creative Services within Teaching and Learning Technologies, and University Communications. Learn more about which provider to contact for different types of video requests.

Video Wall: Report an Issue

Video walls are large format displays that often consist of multiple displays put together. The use varies by location; examples include the screens in the Great Hall, Snow Atrium, and the front-facing wall inside the Student Professional Development Center (among others throughout campus).

Video: Report an Issue

Most classrooms and meeting spaces have the ability to project or play video, whether through a connected laptop, the classroom computer, or a DVD player.

Virus Scans

Report an issue with virus scans on your Elon University owned device.

Voicemail: Report an Issue

Report an issue with voicemail accessed through a university desk phone.

VPN Access

Faculty, staff, and students have access to VPN.

VPN: Report an Issue

Report an issue with VPN.


Web Camera: Report an Issue

Report an issue with a web camera.


WebCheckout is the equipment reservation system utilized by Media Services and the Gear Room. Patrons may view available equipment through the system and make equipment reservations.

Webinar License Request

Request a webinar license for Zoom.

Website Safelist Request

Request for a website URL to be safelisted for use on the campus network.

Website: Report an Issue

If you are experiencing a problem with any Elon University website, please report the issue.

Wellness Walking Challenge App

The Wellness Walking Challenge website lets faculty and staff participants track walking progress and work towards milestones.

What is the Knowledge Base and how do I use it?

Learn more about the IT Knowledge Base and the how-to articles available to you.

What is the Service Catalog and how do I use it?

Learn more about the IT Service Catalog and how to use it to submit requests.

Whiteboard: Report an Issue

Occasionally, whiteboards get damaged over time. If you see a problem, let us know.

Wired Connection: Report an Issue

Report an issue with the wired connection in your location on Elon's campus.

Wireless Connection: Report an Issue

Report an issue with your Elon University wireless network connection.



A web-conferencing service that allows faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with anyone through video or audio meetings.